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We understand how important it is for you and your family to feel comfortable at the dentist. We take pride in offering dental care that is friendly, personalized, and comprehensive—and have generations of patients to show for it! We welcome patients and families of all ages to experience our family dentistry in East Lyme, CT, and encourage you to schedule appointments for you and your family. You’ll love the ease at which you can schedule your family members together for a single visit and the helpfulness of our friendly team. With our comprehensive range of services and experienced care, we can help you and your loved ones achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for life!

Dr. Daren discusses Crowns & Bridges - Your Options for Tooth Restoration

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are restorations generally made from life-like porcelain material that restore teeth to proper size, shape, and color. Dental crowns “cap” teeth that have cosmetic and functional flaws while dental bridges are a series of crowns that attach to adjacent teeth and span the gap of a missing tooth. Crowns and bridges both require healthy natural teeth as they will need a portion of their enamel removed to accommodate the restoration naturally. Once bonded to the tooth or teeth, crowns and bridges can provide function and aesthetics for many years. Crowns and bridges benefit patients who have a:
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New Restorations without the Wait

Using CEREC technology, we can restore your tooth and provide you with these long-lasting dental restorations in just one appointment! Our same-day dental crowns and bridges treatment begins with a digital scan of your mouth. We use these high-resolution images to digitally design your new dental crown or dental bridge in our innovative software. Your new tooth is shaped and color-matched to blend seamlessly into your smile. Next, we send this design to our sophisticated in-office milling machine where your new restoration is fabricated while you wait. When complete, we’ll make any final touches and polish the restoration before securely bonding it to your tooth or teeth. We’ll also ensure your bite is correct with these new restorations in place, so you don’t develop any pain or discomfort. You’ll walk out of our office with a beautiful new crown or bridge and a restored smile!

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